Amazing Coat

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the last four posts I’ve been wearing the same coat.  This summer coat is one of the best things I have ever bought.  It doesn’t matter how pajamaee your outfit is it is instant sophistication.  I took pictures with it on and off so that you see the big difference it makes.  I love it!!!
The necklace is from Zara, which is a great find because the original ones at OC are like a thousand or, which is not that bad, but I can’t afford it yet.  Shorts are Asos, which I am also obsessed with; I love the oversized shorts trend.  Shirt is American Apparel and shoes are Randa Website. The bracelet I bought at the Tarina Tarantino popup shop.




Go USA!!!

These pictures were taken at the California Science Center.  My boy friend and I went to look at the Endeavor exhibit.  Even though I am not technically American, I had never felt so much pride for being “American,” it is truly things like this that make this country such an amazing place.  Go USA!!!
So I totally pulled a Carrie Bradshaw and let my bra show, haha.  I don’t care. I like it.  The romper is Zara, shoes vans, bra Urban Outfitters, the earring was a temporary DIY.

Dream Dress

Okay so I love House of Holland!!! I love how unique all the clothes are.  Let me give you some background on this dress.  I first saw it in December and I fell in love.  Then it went on sale, and I had told myself I would buy it half off, and it still wasn’t so I waited.  Eventually Asos had a deal where we would get an extra something% off the original sale.  So it still ended up not being 50% off, but it was close enough, so I finally got it in April.  4 months waiting!!!! However, this is what I mean that my style can be a bit crazyyyy.  Next time I wear this dress I’ll make sure to tone it down and make it more socially acceptable lol.  I love it and I was so excited for this shoot, but after, I realized I went too crazy, and with such a statement dress already, I don’t need to add more statements.  Sometimes less is better.
I am wearing a Zara head scarf, Tarina Tarantino earrings, Asos socks, vila shoes, House of Holland dress.

The Getty

I love the Getty, it is such a cool place and it is perfect for romantic picnics and it is free, you have to pay for parking though, but still.  I am wearing a Zara blazer, Asos shoes, Tarina Tarantino necklace, Urban Outfitters tshirt, Gap jeans, Target socks, Urban outfitters sunglasses, which through these pictures I realized they don’t fit my face at all. Asos purse and the ring was a lucky find from Buffalo Exchange.


Oldies but Goodies

So this is going to be the first official post on this website.  I love fashion and I try to be as creative as I can be, however, I am learning to not be supper crazy, but to keep it chic and elegant.  Let’s face it; I’m not a kid anymore so I have to try to look like a woman.