Cuffed Up Next Time

One thing I really like about blogging is that it is helping me get to know my body and style even more.  Many times you look in the mirror and everything seems fine, but then you look at the picture and it is bad news.  I am not talking about being photogenic, it is about little details that we chose to ignore and the cam cam shows you that maybe you shouldn’t.  For example, in this shoot I realized that the sandals I am wearing with the jeans make my legs look extra short, so either I should wear them with heels, or cuff up the pants.  My hair, I always have my hair messy, no fail.  Even when I try to make it nice I always end up putting it in a bun or something because I like it messy, I’ve never been the girly girly girl that has to have everything perfect-not me at all.  But the pictures show me that messy only looks cool in the mirror, so it is another detail I will try to focus on more.
I am wearing Forever 21 pants and shirt.  BCBGirl sandals, vintage necklace, the bag is a lucky find I got in Panama, and the jacket is Anthropologie.