Amazing Coat

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the last four posts I’ve been wearing the same coat.  This summer coat is one of the best things I have ever bought.  It doesn’t matter how pajamaee your outfit is it is instant sophistication.  I took pictures with it on and off so that you see the big difference it makes.  I love it!!!
The necklace is from Zara, which is a great find because the original ones at OC are like a thousand or, which is not that bad, but I can’t afford it yet.  Shorts are Asos, which I am also obsessed with; I love the oversized shorts trend.  Shirt is American Apparel and shoes are Randa Website. The bracelet I bought at the Tarina Tarantino popup shop.





These photos were taken at the Grove, which is my favorite mall.  But for photography ummm not the best place because it is always sooo crowded.  But anyway…
The skirt is Emma Cook, I am so in love with it, I have worn it a million times and I am still not tired of it.  Tank top is Forever 21, the shoes are from randa website, I love all of their shoes so much, but the shipping is wayyyy too expensive. coat Asos.


This is a Peter Pilotto romper from the Target line.  When I first saw this romper I fell in love with it, but I didn’t think much about it because I thought it probably was suuuuper expensive.  But one day out of curiosity I decided to look for it and I found out it was the Peter Pilotto for Target collection, which had not come out yet, so I was thrilled.  I started counting down the days until finally that Sunday… I was thirty minutes late and I was not too worried…little did I know.  When I got to Target only thirty minutes after they opened the store EVERYTHING of what I wanted was already sold out.  I started to look for other Targets in desperation and it was not my lucky day.  Eventually I went to this target on La Cienaga that opened pretty recently, so not that many people know about it.  And I did find this one size 6!! way too big, but I got it anyway.  I had it taken in, and I’m still not happy with the way it fits, so next time I’ll try it with a belt I’ll let you know how it goes.
Romper Peter Pilotto for Target, shoes Target, coat Asos, ring lucky find in NY, big bangle Marc Jacobs, other bracelet gift. Camila necklace is from Etsy, other necklace Forever 21.

Pajama Yikes

So you know how this little pajama shorts are the trend right now, I went short happy and bought me a few of this pajama shorts (3 to be exact), and I’ve realized I really just don’t like the pajama look.  I bought some nicer shirts, (which I’ll show you later) to match with the shorts to make it look less pajamaee, but no luck.  So here is the first shoot of when I still liked the pajama look. 
These pictures were taken in Larchmont Village, previously mentioned in another shoot.  
The shorts are Asos, t-shirt H&M, scarf Desigual, bag American Apparel, coat Asos, shoes Target(which are the most comfortable heels I have). Tous ring, and vintage ring.

Dream Dress

Okay so I love House of Holland!!! I love how unique all the clothes are.  Let me give you some background on this dress.  I first saw it in December and I fell in love.  Then it went on sale, and I had told myself I would buy it half off, and it still wasn’t so I waited.  Eventually Asos had a deal where we would get an extra something% off the original sale.  So it still ended up not being 50% off, but it was close enough, so I finally got it in April.  4 months waiting!!!! However, this is what I mean that my style can be a bit crazyyyy.  Next time I wear this dress I’ll make sure to tone it down and make it more socially acceptable lol.  I love it and I was so excited for this shoot, but after, I realized I went too crazy, and with such a statement dress already, I don’t need to add more statements.  Sometimes less is better.
I am wearing a Zara head scarf, Tarina Tarantino earrings, Asos socks, vila shoes, House of Holland dress.

The Getty

I love the Getty, it is such a cool place and it is perfect for romantic picnics and it is free, you have to pay for parking though, but still.  I am wearing a Zara blazer, Asos shoes, Tarina Tarantino necklace, Urban Outfitters tshirt, Gap jeans, Target socks, Urban outfitters sunglasses, which through these pictures I realized they don’t fit my face at all. Asos purse and the ring was a lucky find from Buffalo Exchange.


Culver City

These pictures were taken in Culver City, CA.  I am wearing an Urban Outfitters shirt, which I’ve had forever and still love.  Asos skirt, which makes me really hot, but during winter, is great, if you are not in LA, lol.  The shoes are gojane and I love love love them.  The necklace is Tarina Tarantino, and the hat is from World Market and I’ve had it for maybe ten years yikes…

New Years Crazyness

I was in a hurry to take these pics on New Years, and even though they are not the best, I really wanted to share this outfit.  I absolutely love this dress and the boots, and I think they look so cool and hip together I couldn’t keep it to myself.
Yo no tuve mucho tiempo para tomar estas fotos en año nuevo, entonces no son las mejores, pero tenia muchas ganas de compartir este look.  A mi me encanta este vestido y las botas, y se me hace que se ven tan bien juntos que no podía quedármelo solo para mi.  Espero que les guste. 

Model Behavior

These pictures were taken the first time I went shooting for the blog.  I did not realize that being a fashion blogger also means you have to be a “model” and I am far from that, so I struggle throughout the process of being in front of the camera and having to edit my pictures.  I am very hard on myself and specially since I am not a Chiara Ferragni, or Amy Song who have loooong legs, perfect for fashion photography, I constantly look at their photos and compare them and it’s never good.  So try not to be too harsh on me lol.
Estas fotos fueron tomadas la primera vez que fui a tomar fotos para el blog.  No me imagine que ser un fashion blogger también implica ser “modelo” y yo para nada soy modelo, así que se mi dificulta todo el proceso, desde estar enfrente de la cámara hasta editar las fotos.  Me la paso comparándome a Chiara Ferragni, o Amiee Song, que tienen unas piernas largas, perfectas para fotos de fashion, y mis comparaciones nunca terminan bien, así que traten de no ser muy duros conmigo lol.

Oldies but Goodies

So this is going to be the first official post on this website.  I love fashion and I try to be as creative as I can be, however, I am learning to not be supper crazy, but to keep it chic and elegant.  Let’s face it; I’m not a kid anymore so I have to try to look like a woman.