These photos were taken at the Grove, which is my favorite mall.  But for photography ummm not the best place because it is always sooo crowded.  But anyway…
The skirt is Emma Cook, I am so in love with it, I have worn it a million times and I am still not tired of it.  Tank top is Forever 21, the shoes are from randa website, I love all of their shoes so much, but the shipping is wayyyy too expensive. coat Asos.


This is a Peter Pilotto romper from the Target line.  When I first saw this romper I fell in love with it, but I didn’t think much about it because I thought it probably was suuuuper expensive.  But one day out of curiosity I decided to look for it and I found out it was the Peter Pilotto for Target collection, which had not come out yet, so I was thrilled.  I started counting down the days until finally that Sunday… I was thirty minutes late and I was not too worried…little did I know.  When I got to Target only thirty minutes after they opened the store EVERYTHING of what I wanted was already sold out.  I started to look for other Targets in desperation and it was not my lucky day.  Eventually I went to this target on La Cienaga that opened pretty recently, so not that many people know about it.  And I did find this one size 6!! way too big, but I got it anyway.  I had it taken in, and I’m still not happy with the way it fits, so next time I’ll try it with a belt I’ll let you know how it goes.
Romper Peter Pilotto for Target, shoes Target, coat Asos, ring lucky find in NY, big bangle Marc Jacobs, other bracelet gift. Camila necklace is from Etsy, other necklace Forever 21.

Self Portrait

This has been one of my old time favorite shoots and outfits.  The messy hair managed to look cool in the pictures, the skirt and boots make my legs look fabulous (or maybe the gym has a lot more to do with that, lol), and the sunglasses are my old time favorite.  I love sunglasses, but I get a lot of headaches so I have to be very picky with my shades, tightness never matters, even when they are super loose my head hurts.  But when the legs are skinny and just the right amount of loose and tight it hurts a lot less, and this shades did just that-best thing, I bought them on the Venice boardwalk for 10bucks!!! woot woot. 
The skirt is Mr. Self Portrait from Styligion, shirt is forever 21, boots urban outfitters, sunglasses no one, lol.

Little Fish

So this is an outfit, which has also revealed a few things to me.  First let’s just start by saying I love this skirt, always have, and always will.  I’ve had it for about ten years, not kidding.  It is an original orginal penguin, not the new stuff they have now, the original original, which is why I won’t ever get rid of it (period) 😉  
But the revelation I had with this shoot is that I am not a little kid, so going for the super cute look is just not flattering, sure it was a cute outfit, but not for a 27 year old woman.  So a way in which I could wear this skirt is maybe with a silk cami and nude heels-remember some times less is better.
The skirt is Original Penguin by Munsigwear, flats and white bracelet I got in Morocco, shirt is Forever 21. Necklace and pink bracelet Tarina Tarantino, ring was a gift from when I was like 12.

Cuffed Up Next Time

One thing I really like about blogging is that it is helping me get to know my body and style even more.  Many times you look in the mirror and everything seems fine, but then you look at the picture and it is bad news.  I am not talking about being photogenic, it is about little details that we chose to ignore and the cam cam shows you that maybe you shouldn’t.  For example, in this shoot I realized that the sandals I am wearing with the jeans make my legs look extra short, so either I should wear them with heels, or cuff up the pants.  My hair, I always have my hair messy, no fail.  Even when I try to make it nice I always end up putting it in a bun or something because I like it messy, I’ve never been the girly girly girl that has to have everything perfect-not me at all.  But the pictures show me that messy only looks cool in the mirror, so it is another detail I will try to focus on more.
I am wearing Forever 21 pants and shirt.  BCBGirl sandals, vintage necklace, the bag is a lucky find I got in Panama, and the jacket is Anthropologie.

Tutu fun

If you’ve ever seen Breaking Bad, the restaurant behind me in the outdoor pictures, should look familiar.  The indoor pics are in my mom’s living room.  The couch I am sitting on is over 100 years old cray cray huh.  Anyway, I am wearing an Asos skirt, forever 21 basic, Asos shoes, and Tarina Tarantino necklace.