Self Portrait

This has been one of my old time favorite shoots and outfits.  The messy hair managed to look cool in the pictures, the skirt and boots make my legs look fabulous (or maybe the gym has a lot more to do with that, lol), and the sunglasses are my old time favorite.  I love sunglasses, but I get a lot of headaches so I have to be very picky with my shades, tightness never matters, even when they are super loose my head hurts.  But when the legs are skinny and just the right amount of loose and tight it hurts a lot less, and this shades did just that-best thing, I bought them on the Venice boardwalk for 10bucks!!! woot woot. 
The skirt is Mr. Self Portrait from Styligion, shirt is forever 21, boots urban outfitters, sunglasses no one, lol.