Amazing Coat

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the last four posts I’ve been wearing the same coat.  This summer coat is one of the best things I have ever bought.  It doesn’t matter how pajamaee your outfit is it is instant sophistication.  I took pictures with it on and off so that you see the big difference it makes.  I love it!!!
The necklace is from Zara, which is a great find because the original ones at OC are like a thousand or, which is not that bad, but I can’t afford it yet.  Shorts are Asos, which I am also obsessed with; I love the oversized shorts trend.  Shirt is American Apparel and shoes are Randa Website. The bracelet I bought at the Tarina Tarantino popup shop.




Little Fish

So this is an outfit, which has also revealed a few things to me.  First let’s just start by saying I love this skirt, always have, and always will.  I’ve had it for about ten years, not kidding.  It is an original orginal penguin, not the new stuff they have now, the original original, which is why I won’t ever get rid of it (period) 😉  
But the revelation I had with this shoot is that I am not a little kid, so going for the super cute look is just not flattering, sure it was a cute outfit, but not for a 27 year old woman.  So a way in which I could wear this skirt is maybe with a silk cami and nude heels-remember some times less is better.
The skirt is Original Penguin by Munsigwear, flats and white bracelet I got in Morocco, shirt is Forever 21. Necklace and pink bracelet Tarina Tarantino, ring was a gift from when I was like 12.

Dream Dress

Okay so I love House of Holland!!! I love how unique all the clothes are.  Let me give you some background on this dress.  I first saw it in December and I fell in love.  Then it went on sale, and I had told myself I would buy it half off, and it still wasn’t so I waited.  Eventually Asos had a deal where we would get an extra something% off the original sale.  So it still ended up not being 50% off, but it was close enough, so I finally got it in April.  4 months waiting!!!! However, this is what I mean that my style can be a bit crazyyyy.  Next time I wear this dress I’ll make sure to tone it down and make it more socially acceptable lol.  I love it and I was so excited for this shoot, but after, I realized I went too crazy, and with such a statement dress already, I don’t need to add more statements.  Sometimes less is better.
I am wearing a Zara head scarf, Tarina Tarantino earrings, Asos socks, vila shoes, House of Holland dress.

The Getty

I love the Getty, it is such a cool place and it is perfect for romantic picnics and it is free, you have to pay for parking though, but still.  I am wearing a Zara blazer, Asos shoes, Tarina Tarantino necklace, Urban Outfitters tshirt, Gap jeans, Target socks, Urban outfitters sunglasses, which through these pictures I realized they don’t fit my face at all. Asos purse and the ring was a lucky find from Buffalo Exchange.


Culver City

These pictures were taken in Culver City, CA.  I am wearing an Urban Outfitters shirt, which I’ve had forever and still love.  Asos skirt, which makes me really hot, but during winter, is great, if you are not in LA, lol.  The shoes are gojane and I love love love them.  The necklace is Tarina Tarantino, and the hat is from World Market and I’ve had it for maybe ten years yikes…

Tutu fun

If you’ve ever seen Breaking Bad, the restaurant behind me in the outdoor pictures, should look familiar.  The indoor pics are in my mom’s living room.  The couch I am sitting on is over 100 years old cray cray huh.  Anyway, I am wearing an Asos skirt, forever 21 basic, Asos shoes, and Tarina Tarantino necklace.