Little Fish

So this is an outfit, which has also revealed a few things to me.  First let’s just start by saying I love this skirt, always have, and always will.  I’ve had it for about ten years, not kidding.  It is an original orginal penguin, not the new stuff they have now, the original original, which is why I won’t ever get rid of it (period) 😉  
But the revelation I had with this shoot is that I am not a little kid, so going for the super cute look is just not flattering, sure it was a cute outfit, but not for a 27 year old woman.  So a way in which I could wear this skirt is maybe with a silk cami and nude heels-remember some times less is better.
The skirt is Original Penguin by Munsigwear, flats and white bracelet I got in Morocco, shirt is Forever 21. Necklace and pink bracelet Tarina Tarantino, ring was a gift from when I was like 12.

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